Restoration & Transformational Services

Time and again, research suggests a strong correlation between addiction and mental illness. In many cases, people who have a substance use disorder may also develop other mental illnesses, just as many people who are diagnosed with mental illness are often diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Being caught in this endless cycle can destroy lives, sever family ties and cause people to become homeless. The Center for Health Care Services is committed to breaking this cycle and helping people regain their sobriety through safe and meaningful substance use treatment programs, short-term residential assistance and long-term integrated physical and mental health care.

CHCS works to transform the lives of our community’s homeless, offering programs that give people a safe place to stay and an opportunity to recover and stablize. The Center offers a portal to change – psychological, medical and social assistance that leads to secure shelter, productivity and independence. Whether it’s a safe place to spend the night, or a path to transformation, The Center for Health Care Services provides a way.

Additionally, CHCS works closely with community partners to address the problem of individual and family homelessness by helping people find safe and effective resources that can lead to productive independence.


Community & Transitional Programs

  • The Courtyard at Haven for Hope
  • The Integrated Wellness Clinic
  • The Welcome Center
  • In-House Recovery Program (IHRP)
  • In-House Wellness Program (IHWP)
  • Veteran Services
  • PATH – Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness
  • Shelter Plus Care Program
  • Homeless Set Aside
  • Voucher Program
  • DSHS Supportive Housing Program

Restoration Programs

  • Crisis Care Center
  • Crisis Observation Unit
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT)
  • CenterCare Clinic
  • Public Sobering Unit
  • Residential Detoxification Program
  • Ambulatory Detoxification Program
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Minor Medical Clinic (for injured detainees)
  • Opioid Addiction Treatment Services (OATS)
  • Mommies Specialized Female Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
  • Co-Occuring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders (COPSD) Treatment
  • In-House Recovery Program (IHRP)
  • HIV Prevention, Intervention & Outreach Programs
Our programs are always in need of supplies, goods, and services. We invite you to see our Wish List of items that can help change someone’s life and ask that you help today!
Zachary Bullard

Zachary Bullard

I was caught in a recurring cycle, using, getting picked up, serving my time, getting out to use again. But this time, they said something I never expected. The officer asked if wanted to go to jail, or go to the CHCS sobering unit. I had never been given a choice before. It’s all based on hope. You can see change if you have hope. You can see a different way to live your life, and hope helps you have the courage to explore the possibilities.