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Five Effective Strategies to Help You Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a common experience that many people face daily. It can be overwhelming and debilitating, affecting our ability to function in everyday life. However, it is possible to manage anxiety and reduce stress with the right strategies.

Mental Health New Years Resolutions

For some, the new year puts a lot of pressure on starting over and turning a new leaf. You cannot become a different person overnight when the clock strikes 12. Change takes time. Focusing on your mental health in the new year is a great way to prioritize your other resolutions. Try focusing on these three resolutions for your mental health.

Five Steps To Better Sleep

CHCS Foundation Man Sleeping
The National Sleep Foundation stresses that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and any less could pose serious consequences to a person’s health and safety. Sleep helps people recover from illness or injury, cope with stress, and solve problems. Common sleep-wake disorders include insomnia, which can lead to anxiety and depression. The complex relationship between sleep and psychiatric disorders means that treatment for both issues can go hand-in-hand.