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Investing In Our Workforce

October 2, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Center’s Mission is Founded on People Helping People.

The heart and soul of our organization are the people who come into work each and every day, ready and willing to give their all to help somebody else find hope, feel valued, and believe that life can get better. It takes a special kind of person to do this work, and for that, our tireless, dedicated and compassionate team members are our greatest asset. They set the stage for greater things to come, and are the ones at the helm making change possible for those in our community who may not otherwise have the support or resources needed to live an independent life.
Through 84 programs, more than 900 dedicated and valued team members cared for 32,000 consumers in FY 2018. As an organization that people depend on to provide exceptional patient care, it is imperative we give our team members the resources, training and learning opportunities they need to be safe, engaged and successful in their jobs. At the same time, we are cultivating a culture to attract and retain new talent to fill critical vacancies among 1,100 authorized positions including nursing and care managers.

In FY 2018, The Center made significant progress in retaining and developing our workforce through a variety of career development opportunities designed to fill positions with skilled candidates from within who already have an understanding of the impact CHCS has on the lives of so many in Bexar County.

At CHCS, the safety of our employees and clients alike is our top priority and the reason for our zero tolerance safety culture. Created in FY 2018, the Operational Safety Risk Management unit was formed as a way of keeping people safe, and developing a safety risk mindset: work safe, live safe, and get home safe. Through process improvement initiatives including 384 hours of Smith System driver training, 830 hours of safety training, and a renewed focus on reducing the highest injury areas — to name a few, Preventable Motor Vehicle Accidents (PMVA) are currently down over 60-percent, and traffic citations are down over 50-percent from the previous year.

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We will continue to invest in them at every turn, helping them stay safe, inspired, and working toward fulfilling careers within the CHCS family. These initiatives are important because cared for and engaged employees lead to better patient outcomes. And the more engaged our employees are with clients, the more aligned they are with our mission, vision and values.