Employee Engagement

Join your fellow CHCS employees by making a donation to the employee giving campaign. Each year, unrestricted donations to the employee giving campaign will go into a special fund that will be allocated through an Employee Grants Committee process at the end of each year. You can donate in the following ways.


The Employee Giving Society is made of our philanthropic employees. To become a member, you need have to donate to the CHCS Foundation. Starting this year, members of the Employee Giving Society will have a special listing on the CHCS Foundation website (updated annually), and members of this Society will be invited to participate on the Employee Grants Committee and help determine where employee donations are awarded within CHCS. Don’t get left out. Donate today.

Employee donors will automatically become a member of the CHCS Employee Giving Society.


Every wonder where your donations go? Wonder no more! Members of the Employee Giving Society are invited to participate in an annual process to determine where unrestricted employee donations are awarded within CHCS.

Are you an employee donor and want to join this important committee, or learn more?

Contact us at 210.261.1114 or email igive@chcsbc.org.


Starting this year, your CHCS Foundation is creating a special fund for all unrestricted employee giving. Toward the end of the year, the Foundation will make these funds available for grant awards within CHCS.

Members of the Employee Giving Society will be invited to submit a proposal for items or needs within their areas. All requests must show alignment with CHCS’ Core Values.

During November, the Employee Grants Committee will review the proposals and award grants based on the amount of eligible donations in employee campaign fund. Grant recipients will be announced in December and awarded in January.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact us at 210.261.1114, or email igive@chcsbc.org
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