Child Behavioral Health

Children are our future, and yet, many of them struggle and suffer every day with behavioral health issues that have gone undetected or have not been treated. At the CHCS Child Behavioral Health campus we are committed to providing the services and support that are needed to ensure that children, youth, Intellectually Developmentally Disabled (IDD) individuals, and their families can thrive and be safe: at home, school, and in community.

From birth to adolescence (0 to 18+ years of age), our care centers offer a continuum of different innovative and outcome driven interventions that focus on improving quality of life, preventing and minimizing crisis and reducing the need for expensive hospitalization. Committed to providing customized treatment, targeted programming is offered to connect and assist individuals and their families in weaving a safety net to effectively address the multiplicity of needs and challenges they may face.

Embracing a wraparound concept, we offer the appropriate treatment strategies and evidence-based interventions, which include the following services:

Early Child Support
Developmental screening; Classroom intervention, support, and training; and Behavioral shaping.
Mental Health Outpatient Care
Skills Training, Counseling, Case Management, Parent Supports, Crisis Triage, and Crisis Mobile Outreach Team.
Substance Abuse Services
Screening and assessment, Substance abuse counseling, Case management, Family support, and Psychiatric consultation.
Medical Treatment
Psychiatric evaluations, Pharmacological management, Medication training and support, Health and wellness coaching, Rehabilitation services (OT, PT, SLP), Dual Diagnosis Clinic (IDD and MH).
System of Care Supports
Family Partner services, Wraparound treatment planning, Youth and Family involvement, Multi-Agency care coordination, Treatment Foster Care, and Crisis-Respite Residential care.
Hope and healing exist when children and families are able to move beyond their limitations and challenges and get the help and supports they need to succeed in life and improve their wellbeing.

Children’s Behavioral Health Programs

Outpatient Services Intake and Eligibility

Children’s Crisis Services

Crisis-Respite Residential Center

Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

Bexar CARES Behavioral Health Program

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Dual Diagnosis Clinic and Expanded Services

Healing Hearts Treatment Foster Care

System of Care Bexar CARES

TCOOMMI – Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments

YES Waiver Program

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Davaughn loves going to the program. He has a music teacher, and he’s able to play the drums and guitar according to his mood at the time. He likes the way they treat him with respect and he really enjoys being there. Sharita Hunter