Adult Behavioral Health

The Center for Health Care Services partners with the people we serve to chart a course to wellness.  Our mission is to share hope and support recovery with a full spectrum of innovative services that promote healing and independence to help people live life to their full potential.

The Adult Behavioral Health program helps people with mental health challenges find hope, determine their path to wellness, and find their way to an independent productive life.

Services include medical treatment by psychiatric and primary medical providers in an integrated treatment team approach, along with therapy, skills development, wellness groups and coaching, and coordination with community resources. Recognizing that being healthy includes all aspects of a person’s life, members of the CHCS treatment team are also able to provide assistance with getting – and keeping – a job or a place to live.

Services are provided at five locations located throughout the city to provide convenient access. Our innovative programs providing integrated care are recognized nationally. We are committed to staying at the leading edge of providing effective health care by using the latest evidence-based treatment. When care is effective, it benefits not only the person receiving treatment, but the entire community. Expensive emergency and inpatient treatment is avoided and individuals are able to regain and maintain healthy productive lives.

Delivering health and hope: our commitment to the people we serve and our community.

Adult Behavioral Health Programs

Outpatient Assessment and Therapy

High Utilizer/Integrated Care Program

Assertive Community Treatment

Money Follows the Person

Mental Health Employment Connections

Drug & Mental Health Court

Genesis Program (TCOOMMI)

Community Reintegration Program

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